The Edge For Every Serious Stock Trader

MNSQuotes’ platform provides the tools for every kind of investor to profit from the stock market.


A Powerful Stock Market Platform That Is Easy To Use.

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MNSQuotes helps you act faster and trade better.


Powerful Watchlists

Track Your Portfolios And Watchlists.

First rule of stock trading is monitor your positions. With MNSQuotes the number of watchlists and the tickers they hold are unlimited.


Never miss a News Event, Rating Change, Corporate Filing, or Large Block Trades with our Portfolios Alert Systems.

News Alerts

News Traders Can Act On.

The best Streaming News system for traders and investors looking for an edge in today’s fast paced markets. Our sophisticated filtering allows for only the news your interested and our alert system makes sure you never miss a market moving event.


Extensive Stock Scanning

Discover New Opportunities Before You Read Them In Tomorrow’s Headlines.

Scan the markets for opportunity using customized fundamental and technical criteria. Find the stocks that are at the perfect place and perfect time.

MNSQuotes helps you find new opportunities.

Corporate Action

Understand The Business You Own. Discover The Real Drivers of Revenue and Earnings.

Everyone knows that ultimately the underlying business is behind all major stock market moves. Doing your homework on the Company’s business will always pay off.


Stock Charting

Precise Timing is Key To Stock Market Success.

Price is always where the market battle lines are drawn. Understanding important support and resistance, breakouts and failures is the key to consistent winning trades. Monitor as many stock charts at the same time as your monitors can display.

Heat Maps

A Colorful Display of the Markets or Portfolios.

Monitor large portfolios or watchlists with this unique view of the market. Identify industry strength or weakness, unusual price activity, and potential opportunity all with a glance of color. Fully customizable and monitor unlimited stocks.


Never miss a stock move by using the alert system.


Event Calendar

What Big Firms Say Can Move Stocks.

Earnings estimate revision and brokerage rating changes move stocks. Find out what they are saying fast from our Event Calendar. Also a great place to do research on a new opportunity, see if the Company tends to outperform on earnings in the earning surprise section.

Equity Option Chain

Discover The Levered World of Stock Options

Our Options Chain displays a huge amount of information quickly and clearly. The chain helps discover quickly the strike and expiration that best fits the goal of your strategy. Discover the opportunities.


Large Block Trades

Everyone Can See The Elephants Foot Prints.

Discover the power of following the big institutions. Discover our unique waterfall ticker with customizable monitoring of trade size, portfolio, exchange and even market maker ID. No other platform comes close.

Institutional Power in Everyone Hands.

Short Interest Positions

Measure the Market’s Current.

This tool gives you insights to the market flows and sentiment. Clean and concise display is a powerful tool to measure how market player are betting on their positions.


Level 2 Quotes

Get The Inside Look Into The Market Orders.

Level 2 goes beyond the inside bid and ask and displays the order book at all levels of price. Discover the underlying strength of the current bid and offer and what lurks behind it.

Powerful Research Tools

Doing Your Homework With Ease.

Traders have never been afraid of doing their research and now our powerful research tools help you discover new opportunities in the stock markets. Discover the value of knowing your investments.


Expand your boarders

More Exchanges to choose

MNSQuotes offers additional markets past the ones in the USA. Discover stocks on the Toronto Stock exchange (TSX), TSX Venture exchange (TSXv) and Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE). With many more markets coming.